Live from Performing Arts Brampton

Through online programming, and with the support of our sponsors and donors, Performing Arts Brampton continues to support artists, stay connected with core audiences, and develop an ever wider global following.

Performing Arts Brampton's 2020-2021 season looked different this year, with a transition to a completely digital delivery model. Live from The Rose shows are broadcast from The Rose’s mainstage to audiences at home through Vimeo, the world’s leading professional video platform. Audiences experience expect high-quality production helmed by The Rose’s expert Technical Production team, a cutting-edge live event broadcast, and some of the most exciting names in entertainment. 

The Rose is committed to accessibility to the arts, recognizing that now, more than ever, audiences need the joy, hope, and impact of live performance. To support our community during these challenging times, virtual performances are free this season.

By the numbers:

  • paid opportunities to 50+ artists
  • 40+ local artists
  • 36 free virtual presentations
  • 10,000+ views
  • 2000+ tickets
  • audiences in 17+ countries

Arts Adventures

Performing Arts Brampton welcomes thousands of students annually. With the generous support of our donors, Performing Arts Brampton has been increasing accessibility to the arts for Peel Region students through the Arts Adventures Education Series .

  • For many children, a school trip to The Rose Brampton is often the first time they experience a professional live performance.

  • The majority of Arts Adventures shows come with a study guide, so teachers can create lesson plans and activities that connect what students see at The Rose Brampton to things they are learning in the classroom.

  • As our venue is accessible and student performances are more relaxed, Arts Adventures performances are very popular for students and adult groups with special needs. They often join us multiple times throughout the year.

Ticket Subsidies offset costs by up to $500 per school. While our ticket price of $9 per student (including tax) is one of the lowest in the GTA, it can still be too expensive for many. The Rose works with school boards to identify schools in need of financial assistance.

The Centre Stage Conservatory is a seven month training program for young Brampton artists to engage in professional development and mentorship to enhance and enrich their artistic sensibilities. Participation is free for all performers. Donations support this program by covering additional costs such as honorariums to guest panelists and professional mentors, and photography and videography.

Shake It Up! is an all-inclusive and accessible Shakespeare festival for elementary and secondary schools where students take to the stage as the performers. In the Spring of 2020, four Brampton schools will undertake 12 weeks of in-school workshops with a professional theatre artist, and then perform condensed Shakespeare plays on the LBP’s professional stage in April. This program is currently free to schools, and makes The Rose’s stages and the performance experience available to all students. This nurtures and grows Brampton’s next generation of artists and audiences.




The Underground Comedy Railroad Tour: curated by Stand-up Stitches
February 26
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Legacy: In Support of The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund
October 21
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Steven Page Trio
November 12
Dancing through Time presented by The Rose Orchestra
October 23
Harmonious Holidays presented by The Rose Orchestra
December 4
A Next Generation Leahy Christmas
December 9


2020-2021 HIGHLIGHTS

Thank you for supporting Performing Arts Brampton's 2020 - 2021 virtual season. As we adapted to new and evolving guidelines, this season looked a bit different, as we continued to offer exceptional artistic experiences virtually. Live from The Rose featured shows broadcast live from our stage to audiences at home via Vimeo, the world's leading professional video platform. Audiences experienced high-quality sound and production, a cutting-edge live event broadcast, and some of the most exciting names in entertainment.

Performing Arts Brampton is committed to accessibility to the arts. We recognized that, more than ever, audiences needed the joy, hope, and impact of live performance. To support our community during these challenging times, virtual performances were FREE in the 2020-2021 season.





We took This is Brampton online! Like our curator series in Studio II, Performing Arts Brampton provided Brampton's top artists a platform to present their work, receive compensation, and connect with a wider audience, while entertaining and engaging our patrons. Previously, This is Brampton: Live Online shows took place on social media. View the social media livestream archive here.


From April to August 2020, Performing Arts Brampton presented 23 concerts featuring 42 artists and 256,000+ views from around the world! 





In summer 2020, Performing Arts Brampton presented a three-concert series, featuring some of the most exciting names in the music industry.


July 30, 2020 - Maestro Fresh Wes
August 6, 2020 - Crown Lands
August 27, 2020 - Virginia to Vegas, broadcast live from The Rose stage