PERFORMING ARTS LEADERSHIP TEAM Executive Artistic Director Steven Schipper Manager, Theatres Jocelyn Johnston Supervisor, Commercial Operations & Acting Manager, Theatres  Sandra Lefrancois Supervisor, Technical Operations Bill Zeilstra PROGRAMMING Artistic Programming Coordinator Danny Harvey Education & Outreach Coordinator Christina Akrong Associate, Community Programming & Outreach Reé Morgan Associate, Artistic Programming Sarah Forestieri Associate, Artistic Programming Samantha Wilson (on hold) Venue Coordinator Michael Menchella Venue Clerk Melanie Taylor ADMINISTRATION Theatre Clerk Mary Dzus Administrative Assistant Taylor Shannon MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT Marketing Coordinator Carrie Libling Marketing Coordinator Cristina Rizzuto (on hold) Marketing Associate Katie Leamen (on hold) Donor Services Associate Abigail Taylor TECHNICAL OPERATIONS Technical Operations Coordinator Paul Major Technical Operations Coordinator Peter Suchostawksi Technical Stagehand Eric Lister Technical Stagehand Mike Rainey FACILITY OPERATIONS Facility Operations Coordinator Shane Scott BOX OFFICE Box Office Coordinator Catherine Cubitt Box Office Clerk Gurjit Hayer Box Office Clerk Hayley Reeve FRONT OF HOUSE Front of House Coordinator Jillian Hipkin (on hold) Front of House Coordinator Claudia Molina VOLUNTEER SERVICES Volunteer Services Coordinator Cecily Restivo FOOD & BEVERAGE Food & Beverage Coordinator Marisa Giannieri