Performing Arts at the City of Brampton operates outstanding venues throughout the city. We serve all of Brampton and believe the performing arts are essential to everyday life." "Performing Arts, part of the City of Brampton’s Community Services Department, is responsible for the management and operation of the following venues:

  • The Rose: A state-of-the-art, architecturally and acoustically sublime performing arts venue designed with an 868-seat main theatre and secondary spaces, simultaneously accommodating up to 1000 people.
  • Garden Square: One of Brampton’s premier outdoor public spaces in the heart of Brampton.
  • Lester B. Pearson Theatre (LBP): A creative hub for local performing arts groups, schools, education programs, dance recitals, and professional presentations that includes a 400-seat auditorium and adjacent studio space.
  • Cyril Clark Hall: An intimate 187-seat proscenium venue with modern technical equipment, a bright lobby, and two dressing rooms.
  • Civic Centre Music Room: A rehearsal, workshop or acoustic performance space for up to 99 people featuring tiered, flexible seating and a small performance area.
  • Civic Centre Dance Studio: A rehearsal and workshop space for up to 70 people equipped with ballet barres, hardwood floors and mirrored walls.
The division is responsible for programming at all venues, including Performing Arts Presents, Garden Square, co-presentations, curator series (This is Brampton), Arts Adventures Education Series, Lifelong Learning, and commercial and community guest presentations. With 15 departments, encompassing all aspects of managing the performing arts venues from administration and marketing to technical operations and front of house. The division is responsible for providing memorable experiences for artists and audiences, building community, creating inclusive spaces, and fostering relationships.

2022-2027 Performing Arts Strategic Plan
Building an inspiring performing arts community that reflects the spirit and diversity of Brampton. Performing Arts Brampton is proud to present our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, the first in our history and an essential component of our business. It conveys where we are going and how we will get there, and aligns with the City of Brampton's broader mission, vision, and goals. The next five years promise to be exciting, and our new plan will provide a roadmap to guide us along the way.


Service Objectives
The Performing Arts Division at the City of Brampton operates outstanding venues throughout the city. We serve all of Brampton and believe the performing arts are essential to everyday life.

We value:
  • Inclusion: We create a safe and welcoming experience for everyone.
  • Collaboration: We nurture connections and amplify creativity.
  • Service Excellence: We continually raise the bar and push ourselves to do better.
  • Accountability: We work with integrity and care for our communities.
  • Innovation: We explore what is possible, embrace change, and plan for the future.

Banner image: Rupi Kaur, 2018; Top Centre: Rose Orchestra, 2018; Centre Left: Director X Arts Walk of Fame Pre-Show; Centre Right: Dean Brody, 2018; Bottom image Jade's Hip Hop Academy, 2018