Celebrate summer in Garden Square! Come together in the heart of downtown Brampton for FREE concerts, movies, special events, and more, programmed by Brampton On Stage. Check out the full listing of events.


Garden Square opened in 2006, along with The Rose, as one of downtown Brampton’s premier public spaces. In June 2015, Garden Square underwent a revitalization including the installation of a 24’ x 14’ LED screen. Regular programming kicked off that summer and continues each year from May to September featuring emerging artists, family-friendly movie nights, live music, and learning demonstrations. The Square is also home to the City of Brampton’s annual National Indigenous Peoples Day, Pride in the Square, New Year’s Eve Concert, and community events and celebrations throughout the year. 

In June 2018, The City of Brampton completed its first Culture Master Plan, recognizing Garden Square as a cultural hotspot in downtown Brampton. The City will continue to invest in Garden Square, strengthening its position as a gathering space that brings Bramptonians together, ignites civic pride and acts as a catalyst for creativity through arts and culture programs, events, and community-focused activities.

Garden Square continues to support Brampton’s 2040 Vision 7: Arts and Culture, representing a mosaic of artistic expressions and production through the many events and programs produced at the core of the city.​


The Square is a smoke-free and safe space for all to enjoy. We ask for your cooperation in maintaining a welcoming environment.

Security staff are on-site during programming and events, and monitor downtown during non-programmed hours.

The Square has free public WiFi available, as well as seating and shade underneath patio umbrellas.

For events and programming, Garden Square has outdoor washrooms located near Vivian Lane situated behind 70 Main Street North. Washrooms are also located inside City Hall and are open during operating hours.

There are a number of amenities adjacent to Garden Square, including restaurants, shops and businesses, banks, and attractions like PAMA, Gage Park, and the Brampton Libraries.

Garden Square is located near the Brampton GO terminal and is on Brampton Transit lines. The Brampton Downtown Transit Terminal is located two blocks north of Garden Square, at the corner of Main St. and Nelson St.


The screen in Garden Square is used with events held in Garden Square, but may also be used for content to be aired when no events are taking place. Content in rotation and special presentations on the screen are curated by the Garden Square programming team and the Sport Tourism office, including professional sporting events.

Content, including artistic work and community information, such as short films and videos, moving images, animation, and digital and interactive art can also be submitted for consideration. For more information about screen content submission, refer to the LED Screen Guidelines and Form​ or email​.

The Square has free public WiFi available, as well as seating and shade underneath patio umbrellas.

The screen plays a repeating automated rotation of all current content; the length of the rotation varies depending on the amount of content. The frequency and timing of when content will play cannot be pre-determined. To rent Garden Square for an event, or for exclusive, scheduled use of the screen for a public presentation, submit an event Request Form. For more information about venue rental, email​.



Brampton On Stage is now accepting applications for Indigenous businesses, artisans, or community organizations, who are interested in participating in the annual concert in support of The Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund.

Interested in participating? Apply here!

Applications are due June 28, 2024.



Brampton On Stage is now accepting applications for businesses, artisans, or community organizations, who are interested in participating in summer events in Garden Square.

Interested in participating? Apply here!

Applications are due June 21, 2024.


*Please note Garden Square has reached capacity for further summer 2024 festival bookings. Proposals for summer 2025 festivals are being accepted and reviewed. Date confirmation will be provided by November 1, 2024.

Garden Square is committed to providing opportunities for local community groups and businesses to showcase and celebrate culture and creativity. The City of Brampton will work with community and commercial presenters to provide the expertise required for a successful event.

Proposals for activities and events in Garden Square will be considered by the City of Brampton on an ongoing case by case basis, based on:

  • Suitability of the space for the proposed activity
  • Availability of the venue based on existing programming
  • Resources available to execute the event or activity

Contact Garden Square​ in advance of submitting a request form to discuss venue availability. Costs for the use of Garden Square are listed in the User Fee By-law 380-2003. ​​​

Pop-Ups do not require extensive technical support or set-up, and must conform to one of the two (2) types of activations listed below. The City of Brampton reserves the right to determine whether the scope of a proposed event exceeds the capacity of the Pop-Up Program.

Applicants must select only one (1) of the following options:

  1. Ground: Includes the use of the Garden Square space. Facility equipment and screen use for pre-programmed content are also available.
  2. Movie: Includes the use of the screen and all required support staff. Facility and technical equipment are also available.


  • Can use up to three (3) 10’x10’ tents
  • Do not have the exclusive use of Garden Square; other activities and events may take place simultaneously
  • May include modest performances or presentation on an 8'x8' stage or the ground.
Learn more about renting Garden Square.