THIS IS BRAMPTON is an open platform for fostering collaboration among creative entrepreneurs and local talent, while facilitating multi-disciplinary artistic and audience development. Brampton On Stage (BOS) collaborates with local Brampton arts companies, producers, promoters, and artists who have demonstrated success and interest in presenting and promoting high-quality local talent. By prioritizing the development of curatorial skills and nurturing creative entrepreneurship, we actively contribute to the cultivation of a vibrant arts community in Brampton. Explore an extraordinary lineup of award-winning performers and emerging talents across genres of comedy, jazz, hip hop, rock, country, R & B, and more. Be a part of THIS IS BRAMPTON history, and witness the city’s most dynamic artists, musicians, changemakers and trendsetters, as they light up the stage.


  • Bluebird Brampton (Johnny Rivex)
  • B-Jazzed (Carmen Spada)
  • Crate Clash (Joseph Khargie)
  • Hype (Jemane Kent)
  • Immigrants with Attitude (Sunny Deewana of LAAL Button)
  • Queeriahcity (Anu Radha Verma)
  • Reimagined: A Theatre Concert (Darryn De Souza)
  • Rising Vibes (TCspades)
  • Stand-Up Stitches (Keesha Brownie)
  • Tales from the Joke Keepers (Daniel Sanka and Tricia Star)
  • The Stories Beside Us/Flower City Slam (The Wild Woman)





Brampton On Stage is proud to provide space, production resources, and marketing support to increase space for creative presentation, production and participation of Brampton artists as a part of the Culture Master Plan and the 2022-2027 Performing Arts Strategic Plan. THIS IS BRAMPTON aims to:

  • Feature Dynamic Creators and Change-Makers: Showcase Brampton's most dynamic entrepreneurs, artists, and trendsetters to highlight the diverse talent within the community. 
  • Facilitate Venue Access for Curators: Provide venue access to curators and creatives, enabling diverse programming and artistic expression. 
  • Increase Participation and Attendance: Engage and expand our local audience in arts and culture to enrich the community and enhance quality of life. 
  • Provide Platform for Local Talent: Offer a platform for emerging and established local talent to empower their growth and recognition. 
  • Amplify Brampton's Mosaic of Cultures: Ensure representation and celebration of Brampton's diverse cultures, fostering inclusivity and cultural exchange. 


THIS IS BRAMPTON launched as a dedicated series in 2018 and included 5 curators: B-Jazzed, Brampton Says, Brampton's Very Own (later Off the Record), SounDrive Records, and Unpeeled.

In the 23/24 season, THIS IS BRAMPTON supported 26 performances featuring 105 artists and bands.

Originally planned as a series specific to The Rose Studio, THIS IS BRAMPTON has grown to include performances in Garden Square, livestreams, and LBP and The Rose Mainstage!

During COVID closures, THIS IS BRAMPTON moved online, first as Facebook/Instagram Live performances from artists' homes, and then to livestreams cut from multiple camera angles on The Rose Mainstage. While our venues were closed, we were able to host 23 live concerts and support 42 artists in our community.

Curators all have strong ties to Brampton or Peel and are passionate about creating opportunities for artists to be seen and celebrated in their hometown. While some THIS IS BRAMPTON curators focus on emerging local talents, Brampton On Stage has also hosted JUNO & Grammy Award-winning artists with celebrated careers performing across Canada, and around the world.

THIS IS BRAMPTON has been generously sponsored by FACTOR.


Interested in producing and presenting in Brampton? We're always welcoming new curators! Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.
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Youth under 18 are invited to explore our Centre Stage program.


Sarah Forestieri
Artistic Programming Associate